Carlos Tevez vs. Mario Balotelli

With Manchester City gearing up for their defence of the Premier League title, the most talked about aspect of their squad has been the strikers. Towards the end of last season it seemed an inevitability that both Carlos Tevez and Mario Balotelli would be leaving the club after they both had turbulent seasons to say the least. Continue reading

Mario Balotelli as a black Italian hero

When Mario Balotelli smashed the ball into the corner of the net against Germany last night, wrote La Repubblica, the German keeper “watched the ball go by like a peasant observing a lorry on the motorway”. At that moment, Italians all over the world jumped up from their seats and began to party. The festa went on deep into the night across Italy, with the usual chaotic cacophony of car horns, fireworks, flares, chants and scary car driving. But who was the two-goal Italian hero? Continue reading